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About Swan Hill Neighbourhood House

“…a social force for their local communities, taking action on a range of issues, reducing social inequalities and enriching the quality of life for the community.”

 Neighbourhood Houses aim to be accessible to all.  They have a special atmosphere, and are welcoming, non-threatening places where anyone can come to meet new friends, get helpful information and learn new skills.  Although they differ from each other in many ways, they all aim to encourage personal growth, self help and sharing of knowledge, and provide people with options and a variety of pathways.

Swan Hill Neighbourhood House Inc. is a

not-for-profit organisation which was set up to provide services to the wider community through a variety of programs, activities and support. We generally run our activities and programs at low or no cost to participants.

Some of the key issues addressed by the House include:

  • Relaxation, people to talk to, sharing of common interests and having fun

  • Information, skills development, re-training and promotion of self esteem for the long term unemployed.

  • Support, referral and community education on problems such as family violence, grief and grieving, financial management parenting etc.

  • Development of skills to encourage economic self sufficiency.

  • Health education and preventative programs.

  • Computer education.

  • Community activities for people of all abilities.

Our House strategic direction is overseen by a volunteer committee of management and paid staff. We welcome volunteer participation in all aspects of the house activities and management.  
Swan Hill Neighbourhood House receive Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) funding through the Neighbourhood House Coordination Program (NHCP) and we are accountable to our community (and independent of any professional group, or financial interest).
We welcome your input into the services we provide and we are always looking for Volunteers.  

Our managers, Kate Bishop and Sarina Kelly (pictured below), are always happy to see you or take your call!

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